Project Description

Barry Thomas BECCA Inc

I am Barry Thomas, one of the owners of BECCA. I started with a back ground managing finishing operations working at General Motors painting struts…… Dempster Systems painting garbage trucks……. then Monroe Automotive painting shocks and struts…… DeVilbiss painting paint spray booths. Each case created unique challenges in the finishing operations that needed attention. Whether it was reducing cycle time to create velocity through the process or eliminating quality challenges reducing efficiency or dealing with the hazardous waste issues that needed to be managed. 

So what was the next step….. A group of my friends wanted to find a business that would fit my background….. Then invest in that business where we could make a difference! We wanted to make changes that would drive customer success and make an environmental impact.


Our challenge at BECCA was to develop products that would provide Reduce Cycle Time, Eliminate Quality Issues and Reduce Hazardous Waste

It took us longer than anticipated to develop products and options that would accomplish the above keys. The ultimate would be to provide systems that execute those keys in a low cost and productive manner.


We developed the following Systems:

  • FLASH DRY Rapid Drying System for both waterborne and solvent applications. It reduces dry times without contamination.
  • The BECCA System – a Spray Gun Cleaning and Waste Management System
  • Delivery systems for our products that are unmatched
    • Service Parts & Consumables – Same Day or Next Day
    • Equipment – Within 1 Week